JUST IN!!! This is the main reason why we use our body to get what we want [Ogbomosho Ladies Revealed]

Nigeria has a large number of adolescents both male and female living and making a living on the streets. This has been attributed to economic factors, parental negligence and exposure to all forms of risks. The result is the proliferation of prostitution among the adolescents with its attendant problems.

The rise of adolescent prostitutes: those in brothels, street walkers, call girls, and casual, part-time, or floating prostitutes, as well as the trafficking of adolescent girls across international borders is now an epidemic in the country. The causes of adolescent prostitution in Nigeria are largely economic, sociological, and socioeconomic factors.

Ogbomoso town, Oyo state, Nigeria was caught with shock on Tuesday, 11th of January, 2022, when the Social media space mainly “Whatsapp” status of adolescent and teenage guys who are residents and indigents of the town keep displaying different kinds of pornographic-like videos and pictures. Investigation by Oluwafemi Ajiboye revealed that several Whatsapp channels were created for the sharing of the nudes which were videos of ladies residing in Ogbomoso and few outside the town involving in different sexual intercourse. The materials which are highly sensitive in nature revealed how Ogbomoso has been decayed by sexual immorality.

The questions are: How did we get to this sorry state? How come that young girls between ages 15-27 are hawking their bodies to any willing buyer? Why has sex become the fad among many students of our institutions of higher learning? Where lies the future of these young ladies and what can the society do to protect their dignity?

Investigations revealed that 65 percent of adolescent ladies in Ogbomoso town are either call girls otherwise known as olosho (Prostitutes) or girlfriends to Internet fraudsters. Ladies who are alleged of trying to show off materiallistically are most of those into this bussiness. Speaking to one of those sharing the videos online, he said ” Ogbomoso girls are number one in lowkey olosho, they are into hookup like mad. Those whom i know plenty among them, i know their parents and antecedents,” he said.

As some could said to venture into it because of extreme poverty, some are into it because of lust of life. If not extreme poverty how can a lady be hawking her body because of a plate of indomie and two eggs while some even charge as low as N500. Some who are the big girls among them charge up to N25,000 per night and N10,000 to N15,000 for short time. Some charge as low as N2,000 to N5,000 per night as the price varies and its based on negotiations for those in the dehumanizing business.

The business has also been created in a form of chain where there are retailers other wise known as middlemen who also charge their connection fees to connect a lady to her potential clients.

Hotels and guests houses are also not helping matters as they keep mute by not acting when underaged guys and ladies approach them in patronage.

A picture from one of the realesed videos of the tenagge girls.

However, its high time we all stood up against this social vice because the adverse effect will be much more than the current ones. Parts of the adverse effects the society has been witnessing is high level of teenage pregnancy, rampant teenage abortion, high level of drugs intake and inflow into the town, highevel of school drop outs, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases among other societal challenges.

We must come together in combacting this social vice, and play our role in putting stop to the menace.

Finally, the family institution needs to be re-invigorated. If parents were at home performing their parental responsibilities their daughters would probably not have taken to the streets. Parents should get more closer to their children and query their movement, source of income, associations and friends, dressing and types of phones they are using.

Ogbomoso possesses an enviable rich cultural and religious heritage which includes living a chaste life and respect for the body and soul. That is why all should join hands in tackling the menace of prostitution in our town.

SOURCE Roundoyo.com

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